Christmas at Calvary

Everyone wants to go back to normal. But how far back do we want to go?
Everyone wants to go back to normal. But what if there is something better?
If you could redesign, renew, rebuild or reset Christmas…

What would stay and what would go?
Maybe it’s time.


You’re invited to explore a Christmas Reset with the options below.

Christmas Online

A 32-minute online experience
with carols, some thoughts on hope, and a candlelit Silent Night.

Live-hosts at 5pm & 11pm

Or, click this video to watch on-demand.

Silent Night Moment

Join us in-person at Calvary Harvest Fields to take a moment to light a candle and sing Silent Night.

Thursday, December 24th, 8pm
In or next to your car
150 Harvest Fields Drive, Boalsburg

Sing from Home

& share online

Step outside and sing a verse of Silent Night to remind yourself and your neighborhood that no matter what, Christmas wins.

Record a clip of you singing Silent Night and post it to social media at 8pm on Christmas Eve with the hashtags


Calvary Harvest Fields

150 Harvest Fields Drive

Boalsburg, PA 16827

Calvary Harvest Fields

Learn more about Calvary Harvest Fields.